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Here at AAA-Boat, we aim to make your boating experience as enjoyable and trouble free as possible. With our combined experience in the industry exceeding 40 years, we are prepared for the most challenging problems that you may bring to us. From simply changing spark plugs to complete rebuilding a powerhead to trobleshooting todays most sophisticated engine management computer diagnostics-We can handle the job!
With prices rising and wages falling it is very important to both us and our customers to ensure that your experience at AAA-Boat be one of complete satisfaction. After all, as they say "a happy customer will spread the word well, but a dissatisfied customer will spread that word further and faster!"
As the price of new engines skyrockets, we see more and more smart boaters choosing to rebuild thier powerheads and lower units to keep them going. We are equipted to provide you with our Complete Rebuilding Service, including our 3 year Warranty on all powerhead rebuilds, as well as many replacement lower units. To learn more about our Powerhead Rebuild service see our Service page.
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